Rawji Foundation

It was with a drive to stir the national soul, and help heal the country’s wounds

Groupe Rawji understands that jobs or taxes cannot solve all the country’s problems and the finest infrastructures and businesses in the world are useless without a healthy, educated, caring society.


It was with a drive to stir the national soul, and help heal the country’s wounds, that the Rawji Foundation was launched in December 2003. A public, non-profit, non-confessional philanthropic organisation, its primary objective is to contribute to the training of Congolese youth, as well as contributing to the country’s socio-economic development through a wide range of support that touches the most vital areas of life in the DRC:

  • Education: Establishing schools and providing student grants 

  • Health and wellbeing: Developing safe sources of drinking water and establishing hospitals, leisure centres and old  people's homes

  • Information: Establishing radio and television stations

Diplôme de Mérite

On April 30th 2007, the Rawji Foundation was hugely honoured to be awarded the ‘Diplôme de Mérite’ from the University of Congo. This prestigious award is in recognition of the many activities the Foundation undertook in support of Congolese universities between 2003 and 2006.


The Rawji Foundation is fortunate enough to receive excellent advisory and financial support from its founders, Mushtaque Rawji, (Late) Zahir Rawji, Aslam Rawji, Mazhar Rawji, Sirazali H. Hemraj, and Murtaza Rawji. This is comple-mented by vital state grants, benefactor organisations, donations, legacies and voluntary contributions.


Together, we will continue to drive the DRC forward and build a stronger tomorrow.