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Fondation Rawji

Education for one, progress for all.

Fondation Rawji was founded in Kinshasa in 2003 as a nondenominational, non-governmental organization as a vehicle for Groupe Rawji’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. The Foundation’s mission is to prepare the Congolese youth to fulfill their potential and acquire leadership skills through education.

Fondation Rawji is built on the principle that investing in education is an investment in human capital while also contributing to economic development since education is a leading determinant of economic growth, employment, and earnings. While we are committed to helping individuals and institutions, we are focused on being part of the bigger picture and affecting change at a societal level.

Fondation Rawji provides grant support to individuals and institutions through the following three pillars:

  1. Assistance Scolaire: Sponsoring the education of Groupe Rawji employees’ children in an effort to improve access to education (maternelle, primaire, secondaire, collège, lycée, université). Since the establishment of the Assistance Scolaire in 2007, the Fondation Rawji has supported more than 30,000 school years of education through scholarships.

  2. Prix d’Excellence: Supporting the academic achievements of high-achievers at the university level by awarding them with grants to further their education, domestically and internationally. Since 2003 Fondation Rawji has awarded the Prix d’Excellence to over 1,000 students. Some have gone on to pursue Masters and PhDs at high-ranking international universities to become professors or scientists. And yet others have chosen to return to the DRC to contribute to their country's well-being.

  3. Investissements: Supporting infrastructure projects such as constructing and rehabilitating educational institutions and their facilities. Since 2003 Fondation Rawji has funded over 80 projects across the DRC, such as the construction and rehabilitation of schools, auditoriums, libraries, universities, orphanages, and community centers. Some such projects include the rehabilitation of facilities at Athénée de Kisangani and the Université de Kinshasa, along with other projects like the construction of an atelier at a vocational training center in Kinshasa and buildings like academic facilities and dormitories at the Université de Kindu.


Diplôme de Mérite

On April 30th 2007, the Rawji Foundation was hugely honoured to be awarded the ‘Diplôme de Mérite’ from the University of Congo. This prestigious award is in recognition of the many activities the Foundation undertook in support of Congolese universities between 2003 and 2006.


The Rawji Foundation is fortunate enough to receive excellent advisory and financial support from its founders, Mushtaque Rawji, (Late) Zahir Rawji, Aslam Rawji, Mazhar Rawji, Murtaza Rawji, and Sirazali H. Hemraj. This is complemented by vital state grants, benefactor organisations, donations, legacies and voluntary contributions.


Together, we will continue to drive the DRC forward and build a stronger tomorrow.

1, Avenue Kalemie, Kinshasa

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