Electrical Services

Established in 2004, Proton provides technical assistance and equipment to a vast range comp-anies and organisations to help develop their electrical and IT infrastructures. Its objective is to provide customers with a 360° service, from installation to premier quality equipment for everything that contributes to electricity or IT. 



IT and power distribution will play a vital part in the country’s future. Yet its needs are continually evol-ving as technologies converge, requiring systems that are more integrated, as well as tailored to individual needs. Proton is driving the country to the forefront in this new digital age. Its ability to stay on top of technology developments, and absorb the latest innovation into DRC’s legacy infrastructures will prove pivotal to the country’s growth and success. 

Based in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, Proton works with major mining companies, the National Electricity Company, SNEL, and projects financed by the World Bank. Its principal partners are SKF, Schneider Electric , OEZ, Lastek , Ortea, MGE, Merlin Gerin, Telemecanique and HES.


Proton SA

Kinshasa, 3C, Av. du Port C/Gombe.
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Email : info@proton.cd