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Founded in 1922, Marsavco is the country’s largest manufacturer of industrial and commercial products – from soap and detergents, to edible oils, margarine and cosmetics. It has been owned by Groupe Rawji since 2002.
It has played a major role in the DRC’s economic revival, contributing to tax revenue, providing material investment in factories, and investing hugely in local talent development. Seeking to positively impact its customers and communities, Marsavco also invests heavily in developing locally produced goods that are affordable to the Congolese consumer.

Rooted in history, driven by progress Marsavco is a former Unilever factory founded by Mr. Lever himself in the 1920’s.

It was one of the first of Unilever's international manufacturing operations. For years the Company grew and diversified. However, following years of economic upheaval and looting in the 1990s, Unilever decided to cease operations in 2000. When Groupe Rawji bought all shares in 2002, it immediately began a rapid transformation and modernisation programme – focusing on the needs of the Congolese people. Today, the company is the leader in the local market, and aims to keep improving millions of consumers’ lives every day. 

Headquartered in Kinshasa, Marsavco has the largest, most technologically advanced food oil refinery in the DRC. Using equipment imported from De Smet of Belgium, the quality of oil is on a par with the finest in the world and undergoes strict quality controls throughout its computerised manufacturing process.

Marsavco also has a smaller manufacturing plant in Lubumbashi that caters to the needs of liquid products for Eastern Congo.

Marsavco’s product range includes cooking oil, detergent, soap, washing powder, margarine, baby products, hand wash, sanitisers, noodles as well as some of Unilever products.
Marsavco SA, 1 Avenue Kalemie, Gombe, Kinshasa, DRC


A joint venture between Groupe Rawji and Lucky Cement Limited, Nyumba is the largest cement manufacturing company in DRC that provides the country with a reliable and high-quality source of cement supply. Utilizing the latest innovations and best practices, Nyumba acts as a catalyst for growth through infrastructure development, employment, improving implementation times of projects and stabilizing prices.

Nyumba has installed capacity of 1.2 million tons per annum cement production facility employing around 500 people. Nyumba produces 4 varieties of cements under the brand CIMKO. It has distribution network across DRC. The project was earlier financed by IFC, AfDB, EAIF, HBL and EKF.

Nyumba holds ISO14,001 certification which constitutes a framework defining rules for integrating environmental concerns into the activities of the organization in order to control the impacts on the environment and thus reconcile the imperatives of the organization's operation and respect for the environment. 
Nyumba Ya Akiba SA, 01, Avenue Ngongo-Lutete, Gombe, Kinshasa, DRC

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