Real Estate

Parkland’s activities revolve around managing properties and real estate investment. It currently has  2 projects and has completed 2 recently:

  • Azari – a 12 apartment/seven level residential building, under renovation

  • Amina – an 8 apartment/seven level residential building complete

  • Atrium – a nine level/80,000 square foot office building, the future headquarters of Rawbank near completion

  • Beltexco 2 – a 24 apartment/seven level residential building with commercial space on the ground floor complete


In addition to these properties, Parkland owns several properties in prime locations in Kinshasa and across the DRC and is considering.

Located in Kinshasa and Matadi, Rafi is a commercial property management company specialising in warehouses and office space. 

The company has a port under Beltexco management, taking care of operations as river barges are loaded and unloaded to and from various ports on the Congo river and its tributaries. It is also able to rent extra warehouses and tanks as demand requires it.

The company has recently renovated and built 10,000 and 4000 square feet respectively, of office space.  It has also recently completed an additional 12,000 square feet of warehousing. 


Vizione Properties LLC was established in Year 2016, The focus has been on the development of residential, commercial, retail communities primarily in U.A.E. It has recently developed 6 residential buildings and is pursuing more projects.

It is a diverse and innovative company consisting of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions enabling them to handle large single facilities to multi-facility operations seamlessly. Its management team has got vast experience in the industry.