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Delivering quality, driving development

From financial services & distribution, to FMCG manufacturing & real estate, Groupe Rawji is proud to steer many of the leading companies that improve everyday life & business in the DRC.

Financial Services

Groupe Rawji established Rawbank in 2002, combining its spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship with its deep knowledge of the DRC economy. It has quickly become a world-class, global financial institution, providing banking and financial products and services to a vast customer base through its network of over 100 branches in all 18 provinces of the country; and it is headquartered in Kinshasa.

With over 2,500 employees, we are proud to be able to serve over 400,000 retail, SME, and corporate clients. With total assets exceeding USD 4.5 billion, Rawbank currently enjoys a leading market share within the financial services sector.

Electrical Services


Proton was established in 2004 to supply of electrical products and installation services. Proton has started manufacturing copper cables in DRC under the brand CABELEC. The first and only cable factory in the country is built with German design and technology with installed capacity of 3000 tons per year.


Founded in 1922, Marsavco is the country’s largest manufacturer of industrial and commercial products – from soap and detergents, to edible oils, margarine and cosmetics. It has been owned by Groupe Rawji since 2002. It has played a major role in the DRC’s economic revival, seeking to positively impact its customers and communities by developing locally produced goods that are affordable to the Congolese consumer.


A joint venture between Groupe Rawji and Lucky Cement Limited, Nyumba is the largest cement manufacturing company in DRC that provides the country with a reliable and high-quality source of cement supply. Utilizing the latest innovations and best practices, Nyumba acts as a catalyst for growth through infrastructure development, employment, improving implementation times of projects and stabilizing prices.



Hexagon is headquartered in Germany and acts as a buying house for Group and non-Group companies with a focus on the African market. The company has a subsidiary in Germany for sourcing technical products as well as subsidiaries in South Africa, UAE, Uganda for the sourcing and trading of FMCG items.  


Beltexco is one of the largest companies in the DRC and the leader in mass distribution of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Beltexco was founded in 1922 and has a national footprint with branches all over the main cities of the country. Beltexco's distribution reach to all regions of the immense country of DRC is a competitive edge that is today still unmatched.

Founded in 1980, Prodimpex is a specialist in the distribution of technical equipment, focused in the fields of transport and engineering. Prodimpex is distributor in DRC of some of the world’s leading companies, like IVECO, ISUZU, YAMAHA, Bosch, Hankook, Doosan, Karcher, Visa (Generators).

Real Estate


PARKLAND, created in 1985, is a Construction and Public Works company as well as engaged in real estate construction, and maintenance. It is also engaged into allied activities such as prefabrication of Bricks, Paves, Borders, etc. and ready-mixed concrete.

Owning over one million square feet of land in the heart of Kinshasa, Rafi oversees port operations and cargo handling, giving Groupe Rawji a competitive edge.

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Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Rawji Foundation supports numerous social and community welfare projects to improve the education and wellbeing of Congolese people. The Foundation places particular emphasis on the training of Congolese youth to drive the future development of the DRC. 

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