The Group is exclusively owned by the Rawji family. With an annual turnover evaluated at 500 US$ Millions, the Group employs over 2000 collaborators around the world. Operating principally in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rawji Group has extended its trading activities into Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, China, Dubai and India. Its expansion gets its strength from its history.
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The Rawji Group’s history can be traced back to the year 1908 when the pioneer, Mr. Meraldi Rawji, came in Africa to start trading activities. In 1910, he started a company in Kindu, in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, named “Rawji Son”. As the years rolled by, the activities of the company spread and extended to the whole Eastern region of DRC, included Kisangani. As it expanded, the company duly established itself in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Mission & Philosophy

The Group Rawji, through its various companies, has the following objectives:

      • To promote the economical growth of the countries where it is established
      • To ensure the quality of its products and services
      • To guaranty a healthy and secure work environment
      • To encourage development and the competitive spirit
      • To ensure that good compliance is followed with regard to the laws of the countries where the companies are established.
      • Improve the quality of life of the local communities

Rawji Group of Companies